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In 1992, the Directorate for Public Housing, Spatial Development and Environment was established. This directorate was reorganized in 2004 into the Directorate of Infrastructure and Planning. Since November 2001 until January 2012, all environmental policy tasks were directly the responsibility of the Minister in charge of the Environment Affairs.

For the enforcement of some environmental regulations, the Environmental Police was added to the Municipal Solid Waste Management Department in 1988. The Environmental Police were in charge with surveillance, detection and public awareness on solid waste.

Since 1995, the Directorate of Agriculture, Animal Husbanry and Fishery was assigned as the CITES authority for flora and the Veterinary Service was assigned as the CITES authority for the fauna on Aruba.

Since November 2005 until December 2011, the Environmental Inspection Department has functioned as part of the Public Health and Environment Inspectorate.        .

DOW is responsible for the treatment of sewage, maintenance of riverbeds, beaches, green areas, roadsides and roads. In regards to hazardous material, DOW manages a depot for explosives. Inspection of medicine is responsible for the monitoring of importation of insecticide and biochemical weapons.

Serlimar (Municipal Solid Waste Management Department of Aruba) is responsible for the collection of different waste streams and manages the landfill Parkietenbos.

National Coast Guard is responsible for the monitoring and detection of marine nature and environmental regulations.

The Department of Nature and Environment (DNM) was formally established since January 1st, 2012.

Directorate of Nature & Environment
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Directorate of Nature & Environment

B. Van de Zeppenfeldtstraat 7

San Nicolas, Aruba

Telephone: +297 584-1199

Email: info@dnm-aruba.org

Website: http://www.dnmaruba.org


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